As new fashion trends emerge the supplier needs to respond to changing trend or they risk losing market share. With the help of our SAP Business One Fashion, you would be able to effectively reduce the time taken in between to convert a designing concept into sales. With the automation of routine processes, effectiveness and productivity of core business processes increases, thus helping you in providing excellent services to the customers by understanding their needs.

Benefits of using B1 Fashion

Real Time Reports- It acts on an Instant complete information and provides comprehensive real time reports

Process Management- It automates, Integrate and manage all the financial and accounting processes

Better Inventory Management- It manages inventory across multiple warehouses to track stock movements and manage production and purchase orders based on materials requirements planning

Business Alerts- You can create a specific workflow alert that lets you focus on what is important for you


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Fast moving of goods and products is what trading industry is based on. There is always need for a software that could help to overcome the difficulty in the tracking and managing of goods from producer to the final customer. Proper reports need to be maintained, and billing at various stages must be free from errors. We have come up with our SAP Business One software solution for Trading Industry, which is so versatile that it can be accommodated with the existing set-up of your company and requires minimal training and least installation time for integration into the whole system.

Benefits of using B1 Solution for Trading Industry

Reduce Supply chain Issues: It helps in reducing supply chain problems as you have better control on business processes

Inventory management: Inventory management is handles better and cost of production is reduced with better waste management

Real Time Reports: With real time information on all aspects you can manage production and customers better by knowing in advance for shortage in stocks, production etc

Improved Customer Satisfaction and Business Growth: Overall improvement in business growth and customer satisfaction is achieved through efficient management of all the processes.


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Whether you have specifically order based manufacturing unit or you produce multiple products in bulk, we have got the integrated solution for you. SAP Business One solution is specifically designed for growing companies where all Business processes are automated with a single platform. It provides not only fast and easy access to all business information, but also the additional documents and reports required for decision making in all divisions of your company. Reliable planning, efficient order processing and all-embracing transparency are so important in understanding the products, orders and customers which are making the best contribution.

Benefits of using SAP business one for Manufacturing Industry:

Scalable Solution: Highly Scalable solutions which grows as your manufacturing capacity grows up

Real Time reporting: Provides real time reporting between manufacturing unit and its subsidiaries to improve overall efficiency and better management between different business units

End to End Automation: All Business processes for a manufacturing unit is predefined right from purchasing, inventory management till production to seamlessly integrate and automate business processes.


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Manage milk production with our ERP-based SAP Business One software of Dairy Industry, which facilitates innovative planning, balancing, simulation, and controlling instruments. Coordinate your processes from end to end – raw milk procurement, to processing the semi-finished or finished products, to distributing them to wholesalers and retailers.


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The service industry includes profession or organization that offers knowledge based and customized services to clients. Such a business needs to be able to check promptly the costs and resources of each client project, and our SAP Business One solution tailored-made for service industry has a number of features and advantages that help professional service companies to cater to the needs of the customers efficiently thereby building strong relationships with them. We have developed an integrated system that provides a single and real-time view of operations that makes the management and support process automatic.

Benefits of using SAP Business one for Service Industry

Resource planning: Planning of resources can be done effectively with useful tools that help you respond to customer needs

Effective Project Management: This solution allows calculating and creating project budgets and compares them with real costs and improves margins.

Sales Opportunity Management: Solution helps in acquiring profitable clients with adaptable and dynamic sales opportunity management


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IN Retail business it is important to quite important to have better insight into inventory and logistics, and the ability to make sure you have the right inventory on hand to meet customer demand. Our specifically designed SAP Business One solution for Retail Industry can help you do just that. All the stores and warehouses are connected through this system and warehousing and distribution is managed better through SAP Business one

Benefits of using SAP Business one for Retail

Seamless Integration: Provides seamless integration of all business processes including POS, Fulfillment, Inventory, finance to improve overall efficiency

Automated Business Alerts: Proactive control of delivery and customers Buying trend could be set by setting up key business alerts


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WMS provides SAP solutions to various other industries like Medical Equipment, Dental, Aviation, Publishing etc.


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