MARIProject is a powerful project management tool, and is considered to be the best in its class when integrated to the existing ERP. It provides flexibility in managementof processes like Resource Management, Time Recording, Procurement, Customer Service and Accounting for various expenses.


MARIProject as an integrated tool is most suitable for small as well as medium-size project administration and handles tasks such as project costing, project billing, project controlling, etc.

MARIProject is powered by SAP Business One solution and with the implementation of the Maringo Project Management into the ERP helps in the successful application of project within the stipulated budget.

Key Benefits

Features of MARIProject:

Project Costing: Integration of SAP Business one and MARIProject ensures reliable costing as there is seamless integration of data between purchase and CRM


Resource Planning: Using Mariproject you can assign different tasks to different resources and can determine costs automatically


Recording Time and Travel Expenses: MARIProject allows you to record time and travel expenses at the back office or through internet by a smartphone or tabloit.


Project Controlling: MARIProject provides up to date reports with easy access as all reports are available in one single system. Various Management decisions could be made using reports.


Project Billing: Using MARIProject you can create different billings as it supports all most common billings methods like fixed cost, milestone billing etc.

Customer Service: MARIProject provides customer services module helping you manage your customers better. It has 2 modules Service and support module to manage client complaints and operations.


Advantages of using MARIProject:

Saves time and money: The master data related to the project is needed to be stored in the application only at the beginning and there is no need to add or update the information after every time you conclude some business activity. This helps in saving a lot of time, thus reduces costs too related to the management of the project. Further, with intelligent use of all resources, high level of efficiency and effectiveness, reduction in billing errors, and functionalities like up-to-the-minute controlling of the project, etc. the savings potential is huge here.


Security and Protection: It has a sophisticated functionality when it comes to the security and protection of data stored in it. It is backed by role-based authentication approach where each and every individual employee or a group of employees would be able to access and edit only such specific part of the whole data which is being allowed by the Main Admin. In other words, you can control the access and editing rights for every individual in the organization. Thus, every employee would have access to only that information which he/she needs to perform his/her duties.

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