Taskcentre For SAP Business One

SAP Business One Integration is a simple and cost effective drag and drop SAP Business One integration solution from Orbis Software. WMS provides this solution which helps in lowering down your operational cost and provides greater agility to the System. This helps you in getting real time visibility to critical business information to make business decisions.


TaskCentre for SAP Business One offers a unique state of the art Business Process Management (BPM) Suite for the market leading SAP Business One solution; enabling organizations to cost effectively build, operate and maintain any number of automated processes.

The TaskCentre BPM Suite leverages the powerful capabilities of SAP Business One to bring people, systems and information together within an organization through the acquisition, manipulation, dissemination and integration of information; offering a generic approach to automated processes specifically designed to meet precise business requirements.

Key Benefits

Taskcentre for SAP Business One Features:

1. Advanced Business Alerts


TaskCentre for SAP Business One extends the existing alerting capability of SAP Business One so that business alerts can be sent to employees, customers and other important stakeholders both inside and outside the organization.

Advanced Business Alerts can be sent as HTML or Plain Text emails or SMS messages, thereby ensuring that critical information is presented to decision-makers, regardless of their location.


Examples of Advanced Business Alerts for SAP Business One

  • Key customer approaching credit limit
  • Notification of rescheduled delivery date
  • Contract expiry date approaching

2. Advanced Workflow


TaskCentre for SAP Business One enables organizations running SAP Business One to integrate next generation workflow processes into their systems. Workflow processes created using TaskCentre for SAP Business One intelligently route jobs to specific employees and other important stakeholders so that decisions and authorizations can be made efficiently and in a timely manner. An infinite number of authorization levels can be added to a workflow process and any decision made can be configured to automatically update the SAP Business One database.


Examples of Workflow for SAP Business One

  • Purchase order authorization
  • Account data update approvals
  • Customer feedback surveys

3. Document Automation


Automating the creation and distribution of reports, statements and other documentation can be achieved within minutes by utilizing TaskCentre for SAP Business One’s document automation capability. TaskCentre for SAP Business One provides organizations with the ability to automate the production and delivery of documents in the following formats: Email, Fax, Print, PDF, Microsoft Excel, HTML, XML, CSV, Microsoft Word, TAB separated, RTF and Crystal Report.


Examples of Document Automation for SAP Business One

  • Creation & distribution of account statements
  • Creation & distribution of delivery notes
  • Creation & distribution of welcome packs

4. Web Content Publishing


TaskCentre for SAP Business One has become a ‘must have’ solution for companies that wish to automate the publishing of information to an internet or intranet site. Employees, customers and suppliers demand real-time information and the web content publishing capability of TaskCentre for SAP Business One provides organizations with an easy-to-use tool to automate the publishing of critical business information.


Examples of Web Content Publishing for SAP Business One

  • Publishing of real-time stock availability
  • Publishing of KPI’s
  • Publishing of employee holiday entitlements

5. Subscriptions & Requests


Providing self-service information services to employees, customers, trading partners and other important stakeholders is now a major requirement for businesses looking to eradicate costly, repetitive administration. TaskCentre for SAP Business One enables businesses to establish self-service web portals that provide individuals with the ability to subscribe to information services or request unique information without the need for costly and time consuming communication with company employees.


Examples of Subscriptions & Requests for SAP Business One

  • Account Statements
  • Stock Availability
  • Delivery Reports

6. Data Services & Integration


Integrating the SAP Business One solution with industry specific business applications, legacy systems or online web services is a common requirement for organizations running SAP Business One.

TaskCentre for SAP Business One is proven to deliver seamless data and application integration and comes with a number of drag and drop integration tools that support 100% of the SAP Business One database objects.


Benefits of business process automation through Taskcentre for SAP Business One

  • Real-Time Visibility of Critical Information
  • Lower Operational Costs
  • Stakeholder Optimisation
  • Freeing-up of Time for Employees
  • Stronger Revenues
  • Greater Agility

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